Funny Comic Strips about School

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Funny comic strips about school can be a great way to bring humor to the often-stressful world of education.

These comics often feature relatable characters, such as overworked teachers, mischievous students, office workers, or even administrators.

comic strip for kids

They poke fun at the daily struggles and absurdities of school life, from the never-ending homework assignments and projects to the quirks of different subjects.

17 Best Funny Comic Strips About School for Kids and Teachers

1. Teachers

2. Education

3. School

4. Cartoons

5. Kids

6. Teaching

7. School magazine

8. School teacher

9. Universities & colleges

10. Fourth grade

11. Bullying a new student

12. Office workers

13. Ideas

14. Back to school

15. High Schooler

16. Cartoon

16. School project

17. Examples

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